Are You Looking For A Custom Plush Toys Manufacturer?

Capable Of Making Stuffed Animals, Plush Dolls And Other Plush Toys

Are You Looking For A Custom Plush Toys Manufacturer?

Capable Of Making Stuffed Animals, Plush Dolls And Other Plush Toys

Professional Plush Toy Manufacturer

Talented Plush Toy Designers

Powerful Plush Toy Factory

Saintoy is a professional custom plush toys manufacturer who can help customers design and manufacture toys. We have designers for custom made toys, a sample room for recommending items and social compliance factories for manufacturing products. In addition, we ensure the safety of our toy products, help pack goods as requirement and provide best logistic solutions. Let us share with you the benefits of our vast experience to buy toys from China.


≥500 pcs
If fabric for toy can be found in stock, we accept small orders with 500 pieces. Some products like jumbo teddy bear, pillow and play mat, the number even can be smaller.

Lead Time

7 days for samples, 45 days for mass production.
The biggest factor is quantity. We usually deliver 30,000 pieces within 45 days. Design and size are another two important factors.


Our factories are professional and with social compliance performance. We keep them at a high level of production capacity and responsibility management.


We not only make toys also aim to bring convenience to customers. These contain designing, testing, packaging, shipping, intellectual property protection and etc.

The Top 3 Questions On Custom Plush Toys

The Top 3 Questions On Custom Plush Toys

1, Does Saintoy Do Custom Plush Toys?
Yes, most toys we made were designs from customers. Actually, this is an easier way for us. Buyers come with a ready-made design, we just need to copy everything. On the other side, we’ve collected thousands of designs in our showroom. This help us make good recommendation.

2, What Kind Of Plush Toys Can Saintoy Make?
As a professional plush toy manufacturer, Saintoy almost can make all kind of plush toys. Our designers have been in the industry for decades. Our factories own complete equipment and skilled workers. The abundant downstream suppliers can provide multiple accessories.

3, Can I Add A Logo, A T-shirt, An Electric Module Or Other Accessories?
Yes. Accessories like logo, text, t-shirt, pants, shoes, hat and etc; technologies like embroidery, printing, sticking and etc; materials like polyester, paper, plastic, metal and etc; all can be handled.

Common ways to put a logo on:
• embroider
• print
• stick
• sew
• as a label or a tag

Common materials of accessories:
• polyester
• plastic
• paper
• metal
• print on fabric directly

Saintoy almost can supply all kinds of plush toys to every region in the world. We have a beautiful showroom which collects ten thousands of items. Each member in the company regards it as a hall of honor. It takes in all works of factories, customers and ourself. Please go to the Category page to check out a part of them. For improving competitiveness and customer service, we’ve been working on factory development. We can provide different social compliance certificates, accept goods inspection from a third party. This is a reason we can get orders from buyers like Walmart, Unilever and Coca Cola.

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