Audited By ICTI, ISO, BSCI, SEDEX, GSV, Disney FAMA, Walmart FCCA, Coca Cola, NBCUniversal


Audited By ICTI, ISO, BSCI, SEDEX, GSV, Disney FAMA, Walmart FCCA, Coca Cola, NBCUniversal

We own a plush toy factory in Tianchang City which is a small town located right beside Nanjing. Because of the industry chain’s formation, Tianchang has almost become the biggest plush toy production base in China. Moreover, we’ve built cooperative relationship with a few factories in the town. This brings much convenience to customers who have urgent requirement. Our monthly capacity can reach 500,000 pieces (calculated based on the design of 30cm classic teddy bear).
With business growing and customers recognized, our factories have passed audits from ICTI, BSCI, SEDEX, GSV, Disney FAMA, Walmart FCCA, Coca Cola, NBCUniversal, WCA, Capar, Kmart and etc. We accept production capacity evaluation and social compliance audit from buyer or a third party designated by buyer if the order is big enough.

plush toy factory

How And Where We Make Toys

How And Where We Make Toys

Location View

stuffed animals factory

Stitching Workshop

stitching stuffed animals

Raw Material Warehouse

stuffed animals warehouse

Metal Detection

Sewing Workshop

making stuffed animals

Quality Control

Stuffing Workshop

Packing Workshop

packing stuffed animals

Audits We Passed

Environmental Policy

Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. Running a plush toy factory can impact environment directly. Our actions have the potential to make a better world. At the same time, it also can help save our customers money. Moreover, it sets the stage for a more financially stable and responsible Saintoy.
Below are activities we do.
1, Integrate environmental considerations, let them be an important factor of decisions we make.
2, Promote environmental awareness among our workers. Furthermore, encourage them to work with environmental manners.
3, Reduce waste by re-using and recycling. Only use recyclable materials and accessories.
4, Improve efficient utilization of materials and resources.
5, Avoid using hazardous materials and accessories.
6, Review our environmental policy from time to time.

Ethical Policy

We aim to build strong long-term relationships with partners from upstream and downstream. Saintoy only cooperates with reputable sub contractors who conform to ethical working conditions and operating practices. And we prohibit purchasing materials and accessories from suppliers whose behavior are unethical.
Factories who are qualified as manufacturers of Saintoy have to pass not only capacity assessment but also social compliance audits. They must meet the relevant minimum standards. These standards contain:
1, Health & Safety
2, Minimum Wage Requirements
3, Equal Opportunities
4, Prohibition of Child Labour
5, Employment Terms & Conditions