Our designing room is led by 2 talented designers. They have 5 assistants to help make every idea come true.
Usually, a sample can be finished within a week. Depending on different designs and quantities, it takes different time. Because of the relationship with downstream suppliers, we have enough resources to get materials and accessories only for samples use, like special fabrics, printings, embroideries, labels and packaging.
Both OEM and ODM are our service. Our designers will offer a perfect sample, no matter copy or design based on images even ideas. For licensed items, we need buyers provide certificates of authorization.
We exclusively design and prototype toys which would be ordered with large quantities, so aren’t able to offer design as an independent service. And we can’t provide free samples for buyers which haven’t purchased products in bulk.


We design and make toys for babies, adults and pets in all ages. Saintoy is responsible for quality and safety of products, and it’s not a responsibility we take lightly.
All materials we use are eco-friendly. They are physical and chemical safe. We accept testing goods in any labs which is designated by customers.
Even though have never experienced a serious product or safety issue, we still have plans to protect our customers.
1, Returns & Replacements: offer a credit or refund, or replace directly to customer.
2, Product Recall Plan: take immediate steps together with the appropriate agencies to apply our products recall plan.
3, Product Liability Insurance: everything we make is covered by our product liability insurance.

Part 1 – Physical & Mechanical Tests
Part 2 – Flammability Test
Part 3 – Toxic Element Test
Part 8 – Playground Equipment
Part 9 – Organic Chemical Compounds

US CPSC Regulations
Physical & Mechanical Tests
Flammability Test
Lead Content In Paint

US ASTM F963 2011 version / 2008 version
Physical & Mechanical Tests
Flammability Test
Heavy Elements Content
Battery Operated Test
Stuffed Material Cleanliness
Pennsylvania Regulation

CPSIA (HR4040)
Section 101 – Lead In Surface Coating
Section 101 – Lead In Substrate
Section 108 – Phthalate Content

Canada Toys Regulation (SOR/2011-17) of CCSPA
Physical & Mechanical Tests
Flammability Test
Heavy Metal In Surface Coating
Total Lead For Toys Under 3 Years
Phthalate For Toys Under 3 Years

Other Canada Regulation
Lead In Consumer Products (Contact With Mouth)
Phthalates Regulation (SOR/2010-298)

Australia Standards
AS/NZS ISO 8124:1 Physical And Mechanical
AS/NZS ISO 8124:2 Flammability
AS/NZS ISO 8124:3 Migration Of Certain Elements
AS/NZS ISO 8124:1 Battery Operated Toys

REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006
Phthalates Content ( previously 2005/84/EC)
AZO Dye (previously 2004/21/EC)
Cadmium (previously 91/338/EEC)
SVHC (previously 91/338EEC)

RoHS 2.0

Toxics In Packaging Materials
EU (94/62/EC) / US TPCH

Formaldehyde Content (EN ISO 14184-1)



All products will be packed well in cartons in good condition. We buy insurance for goods which are delivered by us.
We usually ship goods out from ports in Shanghai. According to different intercom, any ports in China which are designated by customers are acceptable. We cooperated with forwarders who have agents in many regions of the world. Both sea transport and air transport are their business. For customers who don’t have a forwarder, they can help do customs clearance in destination ports. DHL, TNT and EMS are our cooperated couriers. We get discount from them. They take care of our small packages and goods for urgent use.
Documents like CO, Form A and Packing Declaration for Oceania can be provided as per customers requirement.


Being a member of stuffed animal manufacturer, most of our designs are animals, they don’t need any licenses to manufacture. But Saintoy also cherishes every intellectual achievement and makes efforts to protect them. Before copying a design which is an intellectual property, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement. Without authorization, we will not recommend the design or share any information with other customers. Besides, we won’t sell them on Chinese market and prohibit other relevant parties recommending them to other buyers. Designs, patents, trademarks, phototypes, etc, all information will be protected well.
On the other hand, we hope buyers could figure out if a item is an intellectual property belonging to individual or organization before copying and ordering, especially some cartoon characters. If you have any problems in this process or can’t find the owner to obtain authorization, we would like to help.